A Tale of Two Moms

Age in Place CT, LLC is the result of the experience and education gained while taking care of our own aging parents. It is the pushing of the borders of “standard”, born out of the desire to keep life the same for those we love even when portions of that life have changed dramatically. It’s about taking some control in circumstances that are outside of our control.

Matt and Corrine Lacy, owners of Age in Place CT, had the privilege of helping their own mothers as they grew older and acquired medical conditions that made it impossible for them to care for themselves in their own homes. Although their stories are different, they both taught us that happiness is the freedom of living the life you made for yourself in the surroundings that are familiar to you. And really, when it comes down to it, happiness and comfort are what we all strive for whether we are physically or mentally well, or dealing with the challenges that life brings.

Betty was diagnosed with dementia in 1998. In our attempts to help, we moved her out of the house she lived in for more than thirty years and moved her in with us. Even though we kept many of her old things, the unfamiliarity of her new surroundings caused deep unhappiness and insecurity compounding an already stressful and scary situation. We didn’t realize, while doing what we though was best, that there were other options for her. Looking back, we feel that had we done more to make her own home more accommodating, she may have experienced more happiness and security as her disease progressed.

Lillian was adamant that she would never live in a convalescent home. She never considered leaving the home she bought with her husband fifty years earlier. The memories both good and bad, made over five decades could not be left behind. When Lillian’s cancer spread and she progressed from a cane to a walker to a wheelchair, we had to make changes to honor her wishes. We removed a partial wall to allow access, changed the floors to a non-slip surface and added bathroom accommodations.  We widened her walkway and provided a ramp for exterior access.  We could not save her, however she spent the remainder of her life happy in the comfort of her own home.

It is for Betty and Lillian that we offer these services so you or your loved ones can Age in Place CT.



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